Katherine Yip


Chairman and Founder, KYG International

Headquartered in Hong Kong, KYG International undertakes investment and asset management activities across the Asia Pacific region, earning the firm a strong reputation for entrepreneurial vision and committed partnerships. Its key sector focus includes private equity, technology and iconic media brands. KYG International has, through KYG International investments and partners, USD $18 billion in assets under management.

Katherine is best known for co-founding two of the largest investment firms in the Asia Pacific region, VinaCapital Group and Pacific Alliance Group (known as PAG Asia).

Since its inception, KYG International has steadily expanded worldwide, with businesses in real estate, financial services, technology, media, consumer brands and agriculture located in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, the UK, the U.S., Brazil and Australia. The firm is strategically positioned to continue its business growth with significant projects underway in the U.S., South America and other emerging markets.

Katherine was educated at Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Mass. In her spare time, she takes helicopter flying lessons.