Maril MacDonald


Founder and CEO, Gagen MacDonald

Maril is a nationally recognized leader in communication, leadership and strategy execution. Her pioneering work enables corporate leaders to optimize business performance by leveraging and enhancing their company’s unique blend of strategy, culture and structure to engage and mobilize stakeholders. Her clients include some of the most recognized brands in the world.

Maril is CEO and founder of Gagen MacDonald, a leading strategy execution and change leadership firm. She is also CEO of Son&Sons, the branding and identity firm that helps companies define and express their corporate character through Truth, Beauty and Impact.

In 2011, Maril founded and launched Let Go & Lead, an online community of C-Suite executives and global thought leaders dedicated to driving new philosophies and strategies for leadership.

Maril previously served as vice president, corporate communication, and was a member of the Executive Management Committee for Navistar, and its operating company, International Truck and Engine Corporation. In addition to leading marketing, communication and organizational development, Maril worked closely with CEO John Horne to direct the company’s highly successful cultural and performance turnaround. This was a key factor in Navistar’s resurgence from the brink of bankruptcy to being named in the Wall Street Journal’s “Top 10 Performers” list and Business Week’s “Top 50 Companies.”

Most recently, Maril was selected as the recipient of the Arthur W. Page Society’s 2013 Distinguished Service Award.