Summit 2014

Welcome to The Thread Summit, where you will engage and connect with fellow high-level communications and marketing peers, hear some of the country’s most respected business minds discuss the burning communications issues facing businesses today, and gain new strategies for communicating in the new age and beyond.

The Thread Summit 2014 is a groundbreaking event that will bring together the Rocky Mountain Region’s senior marketing and communications leaders who have a passion for excellence, a thirst for knowledge, a desire to share ideas and a willingness to reach across the aisle.

The Thread is the first movement of its kind, designed with one purpose in mind: to provide a forum for CMOs, CCOs and other senior marketing and communications professionals to exchange ideas, share experiences and challenge the status quo. Participants will create connections and share insights designed to fuel business performance.

The Thread is about driving a common messaging platform and the name is inspired by an ancient Chinese proverb. “The thread is a connection we all have to each other. With each encounter with the thread, we learn a lesson, or share a lesson which makes our connections stronger.” Through the Summit, area leaders will do just that: join in a forum of collaboration that will propel business communications in the context of our digital environment.

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Wellspring Community: Close to The Thread Summit’s Heart

WellspringThe Thread Summit is committed to fostering a professional community of leaders as well as supporting organizations that serve our region.  To that end, the Thread Summit has partnered with Wellspring Community, a non-profit organization devoted to empowering adults with special needs in the Front Range. At Wellspring Community, adults with developmental disabilities are given the opportunity to engage in meaningful, productive work in specially modified business enterprises. They are offered on-going education and enrichment classes, as well as social and recreational opportunities.

Wellspring’s innovative and entrepreneurial programs foster intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth for one of the most underserved populations in our state.  The centerpieces at Thursday’s luncheon include items produced at Wellspring’s Best Buddies Bakery.

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